MBT Petroleum is proud to be associated with ‘Wildebees Avonture’. Over the last few months, Wildebees has invited the public to mark a bucket list full of adventures with them and go enjoy them. We follow them across 13 episodes through South Africa on various adventures from the white sands of the Kalahari to the deep blue sea, from the bushveld to adrenaline-fueled experiences.

‘Wildebees Avonture’ is also an empowerment program where the participants of each episode walk away with a certificate of some kind. From professional hunter courses, 4×4 training, and survival techniques to Padi license for deep-sea diving and self-defense, the viewer will surely learn and enjoy with the team as well.

Wildebees’ focus is on empowering, educating, and experiencing and are a definite proof that South Africans are an adventurous and outdoor culture.