Most frequent questions and answers

As with any new business venture, applicants need to have the financial means to cover business set up costs. MBT does not provide financial assistance. Should you require financing, please approach a reputable financial institution. Applicants will be required to have 20% – 60% unencumbered cash of the total capital required for the investment (this will be determined by the specifics of the site). This will include, but not be limited to, capital needed to buy initial opening stock for the convenience store and petroleum products on the forecourt.

During the initial stages of applying for licenses, MBT will provide advice and guidance. Once all of the necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained by the applicant, at their own cost, MBT will enter into negotiations with the applicant to establish development of the filling station. As MBT acknowledges RAS (Regulatory Accounting System), as implemented by the South African Government, the negotiations will determine the capital investment that will be implemented against a margin trade-off for the applicant.

When erecting a normal filling station, there will be no limitations. However to erect specialised filling stations such as truck stops etc, the location is a very important factor.

Yes, MBT Will only consider branding filling stations which will potentially sell in excess of 250 000L per month. MBT will however gladly supply said service station with Petroleum Products once erected.

MBT will not purchase land on behalf of any applicant. In very rare instances MBT will consider an interest bearing loan offered to purchase such land. This will only be considered once all regulatory approvals have been obtained at the cost of the applicant.


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