MBT Infinity Rewards

MBT Fueling Your Rewards

Hey there, fellow road wanderers! We’ve got some insider scoop for you on the incredible Rewards Program at MBT Petroleum. With us it’s not just about filling up your tank; it’s about turning every pit stop into a rewarding adventure. Let’s rev up the engines and dive into the details that make Infinity Rewards the epitome of loyalty brilliance.

Signing Up for Infinity Rewards

Getting on board the MTB’s Rewards is as easy as pie. Simply swing by your nearest MBT Petroleum station, grab a loyalty card, and voila – you’re officially part of the loyalty program. If you’re more of a digital enthusiast, just scan the QR code, and you’re in! The open road of rewards awaits.

Swipe and Save: Your Card, Your Cashback

Every time you pull up to the pump, it’s your time to shine. Swipe your Rewards card, and watch the magic happen. Cashback flows into your account, turning each fuel-up into a mini celebration. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the joyous journey, one swipe at a time.

Beyond Fuel: Benefits Galore

Picture this: automatic entries into competitions, a card that doubles as your savings buddy, and SMS notifications that whisper sweet specials directly to your phone. With your rewards card, MBT Petroleum isn’t just filling your tank; they’re filling your life with perks, surprises, and unbeatable deals.

Automatic Entries to Competitions

Fueling up becomes a ticket to excitement. With every swipe, you’re automatically entered into competitions that could turn your next pit stop into a jackpot. It’s not just about the fuel; it’s about the thrill of the unexpected.

Save, Swipe, and Smile: Your Personal Savings Card

Your Infinity Rewards card isn’t just a key to cashback; it’s your personal savings sidekick. Load money onto your card and watch your savings grow as you fuel up. It’s like a piggy bank that runs on the pure joy of the open road.

Stay in the Know: SMS Notifications on Specials

Imagine getting the inside scoop on in-store specials straight to your phone. With Infinity Rewards, you won’t miss a beat. SMS notifications keep you in the loop, ensuring you never pass up a fantastic deal during your pit-stop adventures.

Ready to Hit the Rewards Road?

The Infinity Rewards Program by MBT Petroleum isn’t just a loyalty program; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you prefer the classic card or the futuristic QR code, the road to rewards is wide open. Swipe, save, and revel in the perks that make every journey with MBT Petroleum an unforgettable experience. Join the symphony of rewards – your Infinity Rewards adventure begins now!

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